Fuel the Anti-War Organizing Beyond the Election!

Dear Peace Pledge Activists,

Once again, thank you for taking the Peace Pledge by signing up on our campaign site! With our Peace Pledge campaign we hope to confront all the Presidential candidates on endless war and state violence, so that the media and their campaigns cannot sweep our country’s militarism under the rug.

The Peace Pledge is a project that’s running on a shoestring budget and in order to fulfill what we’ve set out to do, we must raise our minimum budget, so we can print and distribute¬†campaign materials, including posters and stickers to activists around the country. Once we reach $1,500 in contributions, we will send these materials out to everyo ne who has donated $3 or more. Although hundreds have signed, we have received 28 generous donations from activists around the country– the average being $28.46. If everyone who has taken the Pledge donated even just $1, we’d reach our goal without a problem.

Can we count on you to make a $10 donation today to make the Peace Pledge come to life? – Click here

Although we don’t know who will be elected in the next couple of weeks, we know that we will need to hold the new Administration and the new Congress accountable and let them know that ending war is the top priority to ensure justice and security. We hope that the funds we raise beyond $1,500 will go to planning and preparation for an anti-war gathering in DC around the time of the Presidential Inauguration.

There are only two weeks until the Presidential Election. After that, the Peace Movement needs to be out in strength, to address the new Commander in Chief as they select their cabinet and set official policy.

Please help us get the White House and Congress out of the business of endless war by making a donation to our campaign, today. – Click here to donate

In Struggle,


Terry Rockefeller,
September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows
UFPJ National Co-convener