On Eve of Action Noam Chomsky Endorses Peace Pledge As “A Step Forward”

Arguably one of the most respected voices of the Peace and Justice movement, Noam Chomsky, is “delighted to register [his] strong support” for the Peace Pledge.

In this video, Chomsky tells why he is endorsing the Peace Pledge, in hopes that others will join too!

Here are a few important things you should check out and can do to help, right away:
  1. SIGN the Pledge 
  2. Get your organization to ENDORSE the campaign 
  3. PROMOTE or PARTICIPATE in our 11/2 action in NYC where we will march to the Trump and Clinton campaign HQs to HAND DELIVER copies of the Pledge 
  4. HOST an action in your community 
  5. SHARE our Blog posts on movement building, unity, strategy, and overcoming militarization 
  6. GIVE a donation now, to help us fuel our national organizing and agenda setting to end war past the first 100 days of the New President and the New Congress

11 thoughts on “On Eve of Action Noam Chomsky Endorses Peace Pledge As “A Step Forward”

  1. David Rothauser

    Noam Chomsky and Helen Caldicott both expressed publicly that the world should follow the example of Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution that has enabled the Japanese to live in Peace for 70 years. Awaken peace activists. Embrace Article 9. WILPF is campaigning to bring a version of Article 9 as amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Peace exists, no need to re-invent the wheel.

  2. Holly Joseph

    We are visiting Danang where landmines have yet to have been cleaned up. It makes me think that any consideration of invading another country should present what would be the real costs of that invasion – to our citizens and to the citizens of other countries.

  3. Susan Puiatti

    My strong support for diplomacy, not war, as a way to address conflicts.
    Marched with you in NYC and Washington before the Iraq War. No nukes, you kooks!

  4. Edward Schreiber

    So very few candidates running for various offices in the country have an interest in peace and justice. A people’s movement is needed, and I can’t think of a better endorser than Noam Chomsky. He’s a voice of reason crying out in the wilderness, something of a John the Baptist type prophet. I suppose it’s a Taoist teaching, but one shared by many, to hope for the best but prepare for the worst. I hope and pray for the best, both peace and justice. I fear that the worst is to come.

  5. Jim Morgan

    I’m happy to join Noam Chomsky by signing this pledge. As a Quaker, I understand that before you can have peace, you gotta work for, and achieve to a much greater degree than at present, justice.

  6. kenneth yovanovits

    Have been a little stand offish about supporting your organization. Sent you folks $20.00 via personal check. I see now that you have an endorsement from someone I deeply respect in the person of Noam Chomsky. This makes it easier for me to know that in all likelihood the money will be going to the right place. I am with you. Kenneth Yovanovits ..

  7. Phillip Fowler

    Peace is no longer a wish to have, it is a must have for everyone worldwide. We need to wake up to the fact that we have been fighting amongst ourselves far too long, because of an enemy no one wants to acknowledge openly. An enemy you cannot see with your eyes or touch with your hands, but they are as real as you are.

    We have been told over and over again by very prominent teachers that we are not this body, we are spirit beings temporarily inhabiting a physical body. At some point we will all return to the eternities from whence we came. The adversary each us are fighting is between our ears, not in foreign lands.

    This adversary has an eternal agenda to capture the souls of those who shed innocent blood. It does not matter what religious beliefs you hold, or what ethnic group or society you belong within. This is a matter of cosmic law rather than a religious judgment!

    If you want peace in the World then Pledge this moment that you will never intentionally and purposefully hurt yourself, or any other person for as long as you live! Honor that commitment and you will have achieved the minimum principle required to be eternally safe to enter back into the eternities upon your death.

    Those who have taken the life of an innocent person, are no longer safe to enter the eternities because they have lost their spirit’s protection against the same spirit scum that coursed them to take that life. The only way they can possibly rescue themselves is by never hurting another person for as long as they live and hopefully they too can regain a portion of the protection they have lost. Our lives are eternal, not temporal, so once you return into the eternities you will either have protection, or you will not. Either way the blessing or curse is eternal, meaning forever!

    I am not asking you to believe me, I am asking you to consider listening to your own spirit’s guidance. You have all the answers you need within you no matter who you are. You have known since a child that intentionally hurting yourself or someone else is not right. No one needs to tell you that, so why are we listening to others who might insight us to physically fight for our rights to be free and live in peace while they encourage dangerous and violent acts against those who disagree.

    There must be no separation when it comes to peace, we must stand strong, and we must stand in unity. Urge PE Trump to bring us together in peace. Urge PE Trump to declare World Peace Now, and bring the world together in solidarity to see that peace is enjoyed within the far corners of the globe. It is our choice, our actions, to move forward individually, first, then collectively to spread peace, love, altruism, and personal services to everyone who needs to be helped from the grips of despair.

    This is worth the cost, it is worth the effort, not just for us, but for our children’s, children. Now is the time for PE Trump to make the deal of the century, to negotiate a workable peace solution starting here in The United States of America!

    Be prepare to yell from every street corner that love is more powerful than hate, and peace is far wiser than war! Let the world know we are a peaceful country, a loving and caring people, a people who are willing to stand for the truth in all things, a people who will show the world by example what world peace can look like. A people who stands behind their President in his efforts to unite us as a nation under the protective cloak of peace in our lands and in our homes.

    Mr. PE Trump are you listening? You may not hear us right now, but you will hear us soon everywhere, because we the people want our voices to be heard from the mountains high to the valleys low, we will not settle for ANYTHING less than World Peace Now!

    We are at this moment bringing this message and movement into Poland, Germany, France, and the UK. I would like the U.S.A to be the first to officially declare World Peace Now! However, Europe may pick it up first, in any event every country on earth will soon participate with us by declaring their allegiance to peace in their respective countries. The mentality of Peace is brewing in Poland, and likewise it is brewing here.

    Only time will tell who declares world peace first, as we move forward to realize our most desired goal. Through Peace, Love and selfless service, we together will heal this earth and end the blood shed by informing everyone who their real enemies are. Thank you for considering what is best for you and your loved ones, join with our mass word of mouth advertising because our destination is a new world of peace, honor, and solidarity. Let’s make it happen with you, not without you! Cheers, world peace is at hand!

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