Vote Today, Recommit to Building a Movement to End War & Confront Racism

This election cycle has been stressful and has caused a lot of unwanted anxiety for many of us. When it comes to the leading candidates’ positions on militarism, the options are somewhere between war, more war, and nuclear war. Not good!ppp13

By tonight, however, we all will have made our decisions on how to engage in this election and our votes will be cast. We will find out who the President Elect will be, and we can already begin to strategize and organize. We can turn our disappointment into hope and the creative energy we will need to challenge the war machine and militarized police here at home.

Less than a week ago, we brought our message of the Peace Pledge to both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s offices. [photos/video below] We hand delivered copies of the Peace Pledge to their offices. And while we have not heard back from either, the point was to put each on notice; that no matter who gets elected, we will stand up to them on day one for their terrible positions on war and militarism as foreign policy.

We have plenty of struggles to engage in and to win in the coming months, on war, militarism, funding human needs, and protecting our citizens’ basic human dignity.

We don’t have to look too far to identify where we, peace and justice activists and organizers are needed.

We must take this time to refocus, reorganize, and build deeper relationships with other movements, including the Movements for Black Lives, Occupy, Immigrant Rights, Refugees, Environmental Justice, and the Standing Rock Sioux which have risen and earned our individual and organizational support during the hibernation of the peace movement. Because of the nature of our country, our government, and it’s use of organized violence, each of these groups have and will face militarized oppression.

We know that our votes may not greatly change the course of militarism in our country, but we rest assured in knowing that our actions don’t stop there. We will recommit ourselves, as we have with the Peace Pledge, to put ourselves on the line to stand up to militarism abroad and at home.

Sign the Pledge today:
Get your organization to endorse here:

You can see pictures and video of the Peace Pledge action on both Presidential Campaign Headquarters here:




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