Are you concerned, distressed, worried, horrified, anxious, or troubled by endless war that has expanded across the Middle East, Africa, and into Asia…a military budget that is more than half of us gov’t discretionary spending…by war-mongering belligerence expressed by presidential candidates and politicians?

The situation we face in 2016 is dark, in terms of the elections, and what it means for our future. It has fallen on the peace movement to provide a hope and a plan for a better tomorrow.

Voting, alone, cannot change this fact, but using various forms of organizing and resistance, we can become a force that moves politics and politicians beyond the election cycle, and through the next presidency.

Since 2002, United for Peace and Justice has organized to end the global war on terror and to demand racial and economic justice here at home. We’ve seen presidents come and go while the military machine fueling endless wars just grows and grows. We’ve witnessed the devastating effects of easing up on candidate who speak our language of peace, but act like the war hawks who came before them.

Still, we have had countless successes over the years, where the peace and justice movement coming together to take action has influenced policy and culture to advance our cause. There has never been a greater need for our movement to re-unite than right now.

It’s going to take a movement to stop these wars–
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UFPJ is a 501(c)3 organization and does not endorse, oppose, support, or coordinate with political candidates. We do, however, realize and act on the need to hold all candidates accountable on the issues we care about most, to create a better, more secure, and more livable world. Click here to read more about our 501(c)3 status and federal election rules.
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