History shows that presidents don’t move to end wars, until social movements do!

As a peace campaigner, I pledge to use my mind and my body, and  recommit myself to movement building and nonviolent direct action, including protests, marches, teach-ins, sit-ins, community meetings and organizing, to:

  • end all wars and military interventionsPeace Pledge Flag Logo
  • end the trillion dollar nuclear weapons modernization plans and start negotiations to eliminate nuclear weapons
  • demand climate justice
  • end drone program & “kill list”
  • close hundreds of U.S. bases around the world
  • reduce military spending and shift priorities to the American people and humanitarian needs worldwide.
  • create good jobs repairing our infrastructure and developing renewable energy sources
  • secure healthcare for all
  • ensure debt-free higher education for all
  • improve and expand public transportation
  • redirect and refocus our forces to assist the people of the world during natural and manmade disasters
  • demilitarize local police forces
  • demand racial and social justice for all people including refugees of foreign wars and immigrants

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