Voting isn’t going to get our country out of endless war, but social movement organizing will. Will your organization endorse a campaign to do just that?

By now, you’ve heard of UFPJ’s Peace Pledge campaign to get Washington DC out of the war business, no matter who is elected. I hope you’ve forwarded info about it to your Antiwar organizations, contacts and friends.

Already, we have gathered thousands of individual signers. Now, we are asking for your organization’s endorsement to bring this campaign to life.

The Peace Pledge is calling on organizations and activists around the country to:
  • Host meetings and teach-ins
  • Bird-dog pro-war incumbents and incoming politicians on issues of militarism
  • Engage in heavy lobbying with the new Congress
  • Participate in solidarity actions and efforts to build meaningful partnerships and coalitions with movements that share our struggle
  • Take action that raises awareness of opposition to militarism and war spending, including civil disobedience and nonviolent direct action,
  • Wear and share Peace Pledge materials to begin conversations about UFPJ’s campaign

Our campaign acknowledges that we need a strong and active social movement to end the wars during the next Administration. Many indicators tell us that popular pressure for peace and justice is rising again and UFPJ is working to organize now, in preparation for a national re-mobilization.

As an endorsing organization, you will be:
  • Listed in a prominent place on our campaign website
  • Invited to organizing strategy and briefing calls
  • Encouraged to to share Peace Pledge communications with your lists
  • Called on to engage publicly as a Peace Pledge organizer
  • Expected to help us re-organize and re-build a powerful Antiwar movement that is able to successfully challenge the new Administration and New Congress on endless war.

We are fully committed to this cause and so are you in?

Please fill out the Peace Pledge organizational endorsement form here: