Here are things you can do to support the Peace Pledge campaign:



  1. Sign the Pledge

    Become a UFPJ Peace Pledge organizer – and end the wars the next President will inherit.


  2. Hold ALL PUBLIC OFFICIALS accountable

    Host and attend local actions to demand they make clear their positions on war, peace, social issues, and military spending. Use bird-dogging, protest, and nonviolent civil disobedience as tactics. CODE PINK and FCNL have great resources for bird-dogging politicians.


  3. List your events on UFPJ’s event calendar

    And be sure to send us photos, videos, and write ups of your local actions.


  4. Post images, ideas and your comments online

    Use the hashtag #PeacePledge on your social media profiles. Use our printable Peace Pledge action sign to fill in your campaign actions and  goals.


  5. Share the pledge on social media

    • Share on Facebook
    • Share on Twitter


  6. Join UFPJ at the Presidential inauguration

    Come to Washington DC for an anti-war demonstration to make your positions clear to the new President – whoever is elected! (Details to come!)


  7. Participate in local and national strategy sessions

    Together we must move the peace movement forward to end all U.S. foreign military interventions and the police/surveillance state here at home.


  8. Make a meaningful contribution of $10 or more

    Gotta be blunt here… running this campaign does and will cost us some money. Especially if we want to do it right. We’re not asking for much, but if everyone could just chip in a little!

    Right now, though few, our average contribution has been $26. Supporting UFPJ’s Peace Pledge Campaign will help ensure a strong peace movement presence in regional organizing beyond the November elections – no matter who is in the White House, the Senate or the House of Representatives.