Donald Trump’s misdirected White House is putting military profiteering before public needs and putting future generations at risk. Trump’s proposed budget would slash social services that we depend on to raise the military budget by 10%. The United States already spends more on its military than the next 7 countries combined. We already spend 25 cents of every tax dollar and 54% of all discretionary funding on wars and militarism, while people have urgent needs for housing, healthcare, education, infrastructure, and clean energy that go unmet.

Sign the petition, below! Tell Democrats and Republicans in Congress that we value and support a system that prioritizes public needs over wars and corporate profiteers.

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I want Democrat and Republican lawmakers to know that I actively oppose defunding life-sustaining public services to add a 10% increase ($54 billion dollars) to the already dangerously bloated military budget.


We demand that leaders in Congress work together to stop the Trump Administration’s disastrous budget and decrease military spending to meet human needs.